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Jim Hutchinson: Media Specialist
Email: jim.hutchinson AT

Jennifer Kaderka: Library Assistant
Email: jennifer.kaderka AT

Hours of Operation

The library is open on normal school days only from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.


The mission of the WHS Library Media Center is to create a positive and friendly atmosphere in which to provide instructional resources and support to students, staff, and parents for the ultimate purpose of enabling students to become competent and independent users of information. We also believe strongly in the value of free reading and strive to build a print collection that will encourage students to read extensively in areas of personal interest.

Our primary goal is to serve your information and reading needs. If you have any questions about using the resources in our library or on our web page, please ask! We are never too busy to help! E-mail all your questions and suggestions to the above address or come talk to us in the library.


Windsor high school students may check out up to ten books at a time for 3 weeks. Books returned after the 5 day grace period will be charged 10 cents per day. Reference books do not circulate but relevant sections will be copied for students at no cost.

The library provides access to several databases. The two primary databases are Student Research Center – Gold and Global issues in Context. The EBSCO database is no longer available to students from off campus but is accessible via the public library. Check with them for details. Students needing off campus access to the other databases should inquire with a teacher or library staff for the proper login information.

Computers in the library are available for students on a first come, first served basis but may be reserved for classes needing them to conduct research. Students using the library during regular school hours must bring a pass and sign in. Students not in possession of a pass will be asked to return to class. Computers may only be used for school related work. Students considered to be “off task” may be asked to return to class.

Students may use the library printers to print school related work. Personal use of printers is not permitted.

Food and Drinks

The library sells cookies and bottled water. Items may be purchased during school hours and when in stock. Proceeds help improve the library atmosphere through the purchase of books, chess sets, music and help keep our fish thriving. No other outside food or beverages (water excepted) are allowed.

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  1. Kyo permalink
    February 22, 2008 12:03 pm

    I think this media center is amazing. Keep it up, yo!

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