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Notes on Accessing New Databases

January 14, 2010

We have upgraded our database offerings this year and encourage you to take advantage of all they offer. To access them, click the links on the right side under Database Access for America’s Historical Newspapers, Global Issues in Context and Student Resource Center Gold. Each of these meets different needs. Use America’s Historical Newspapers when searching for articles or information from a specific time period such as newspaper articles on the assassination of president Lincoln published in 1865. Global Issues in Context is ideal when looking for current information on just about any topic from politics to science and technology to global events. Student Resource Center Gold is a smorgasbord of information on just about any topic both past and present. Please note that EBSCO is no longer being purchased by the high school as our new databases provide similar and more extensive content. However, it is still available from school computers. If you need access from home please check with the Windsor/Severance Library.

Note on Home Access

Each of these databases is available from off-campus but a password is required. Due to subscription restrictions we cannot publish passwords online. Please check with your classroom teacher or the library for a list of passwords.

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